Youth Bowling Facts


Bowling is the number one participation sport in the United States with more than 67 million people bowling annually. Bowling provides many benefits for youth including educational, social, psychological and health benefits. Bowling is an equal opportunity lifetime sport.

Education Benefits from Bowling

  •  Over 200 colleges offer collegiate bowling, with many of these schools providing scholarship opportunities.

  • The bowling industry generates over $6 million in scholarships each year. 

    • Which can be earned starting as young as 5.

  • Bowling meets the five standards for physical education set by SHAPE America.

  • Bowling promotes learning of math skills by calculating scores, figuring averages and learning mathematical systems to adjust to lane conditions and spare shooting.

  • Advanced bowling incorporates physics and science including understanding friction, ball motion and biomechanics to name a few.


Bowling provides an opportunity for your child to practice his sportsmanship. There may be games that he does not come in first place, and that’s okay! It will teach him to be happy when other people win.


No matter how old your child is, practicing patience is always a good idea. During the youth bowling league, your son or daughter will bowl with others and have to practice their patience. This occurs while waiting for his or her turn (and even while waiting for the pins to set up again)!

Simple Math

Your littlest one may be going to preschool or kindergarten soon, and bowling gives great counting practice! Your little bowler will be counting pins and bowling balls during every game. Older kids can get into tallying their score and projecting their final score based on how well they’ve done so far. This helps kids sharpen their math skills.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Bowling actually requires a fair amount of hand-eye coordination and balance in order to knock down the pins. This helps your child learn how to multitask and excel at it.


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